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Wilma has some sex fun with Dino and Pebbles

Wow, what a hard fuck it was yesterday! Pebbles, Dino and Wilma have got outdoors, and fresh air immediately turned on their mind, and I happened to witness the ultimate Flintstones porn. Lucky for me I’ve got my camera, so all the smut now can be seen on wonderful cartoon porn pictures that I give to you! Dino is licking Wilma’s hot tits, and Pebbles strikes her pussy with a huge bone, sliding it inside her wet snatch. Oh, that was the most seductive thing I’ve ever seen! All the sex pictures are ready for your hungry look – check them out right now!

Wilma has sex with Dino in the shower

Okay, I couldn’t help drawing another sketch – this time it contains a bit of humor. As naked Wilma comes out of the shower, drops of water running down her skin, she notices Dino who stands in the corner and looks at her with uncovered interest. His cock is already rock-hard and is looking towards my wife. Wilma seems a little confused, but interested, too. Dinosaur’s cock is even bigger that mine, and that means a lot. So she decides to give it a try and jumps over his hose, starting a mad sex ride. A lot of meat in her snatch means a lot of pain, but Wilma is ready to sacrifice something for obtaining sex pleasure!

Dino gets his cock on Wilma

Too bad that Wilma loves to chat with nasty Marge Simpson – I just can’t spend so much money paying phone bills! Yesterday I had a small revenge over her, though – you see, she loves to walk naked when the kinds aren’t around, and that time she was talking completely nude. Dino noticed her plump sexy butt and didn’t think for long – he just jumped over her and shoved his pole right between her buns! Wilma didn’t expect that, you bet! She tried to break free, but all in vain – Dino held her tight until he cummed in her ass! I got it all on my camera, so now I post them for you on my Flintstones porn blog!

Guys punish Dino for a sex crime

Dino always makes trouble, but this time he has got into one. The thing is he was fucking Betty, and Barney saw it all, from the beginning to the end. He saw how this lousy dinosaur sticked his boner into his wife’s pussy, how he nailed her and how she wriggled under him. And this really pissed Barney off. When he thought that it was enough, he took his club and smashed him right in his head. And then the time has come for some cruel punishment! Barney called me for some help, and we both tied Betty to the tree, whipping her with a knout. As for Dino, he was cruelly fucked by a dildo in his butt. We had this kind of fun for a long time – for him and her to remember and never do that again!

Flintstones prefer fucking outside

Oh, what a lovely day this is! I love when we go outside, two families together, and rest in the rays of hot sun! And the most wonderful thing is that we can have sex all day long – no kids, no disturbance – just freedom and smut! Barney and I have lost our time at work, but now we’re gonna make up for it! Oh, I still remember how Barney shoved his thick wiener into his wife’s wet twat, how I rubbed Wilma’s pussy until it all got red, how we used dinosaur bones to satisfy the girls. This day was marvelous – fresh air turned us on too much, and we didn’t show any mercy to their pussies! Our skin was gleaming because of sweat, and our eyes were burning with lust… Terrific times!