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Hot Flintstones threesome

How about a Flintstones threesome? Wilma agreed to please me and Barney by letting our cocks inside her holes. I came from the rear, and Barney preferred my wife’s mouth. We started simultaneously, and her slim body began to shake in ecstasy. I poked her ass, enjoying the tight hole, pushing my cock as deep as I could, and as for barney, he tried to pierce Wilma’s tonsils with his cock. That was a solid fuck, and when we finished, I thought our loads will meet inside her! She was all flooded with juice and looked very tired. I kissed her goodbye and grabbed my camera which caught all on tape. It was time to make another post…

Flintstones prefer fucking outside

Oh, what a lovely day this is! I love when we go outside, two families together, and rest in the rays of hot sun! And the most wonderful thing is that we can have sex all day long – no kids, no disturbance – just freedom and smut! Barney and I have lost our time at work, but now we’re gonna make up for it! Oh, I still remember how Barney shoved his thick wiener into his wife’s wet twat, how I rubbed Wilma’s pussy until it all got red, how we used dinosaur bones to satisfy the girls. This day was marvelous – fresh air turned us on too much, and we didn’t show any mercy to their pussies! Our skin was gleaming because of sweat, and our eyes were burning with lust… Terrific times!