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Dino gets his cock on Wilma

Too bad that Wilma loves to chat with nasty Marge Simpson – I just can’t spend so much money paying phone bills! Yesterday I had a small revenge over her, though – you see, she loves to walk naked when the kinds aren’t around, and that time she was talking completely nude. Dino noticed her plump sexy butt and didn’t think for long – he just jumped over her and shoved his pole right between her buns! Wilma didn’t expect that, you bet! She tried to break free, but all in vain – Dino held her tight until he cummed in her ass! I got it all on my camera, so now I post them for you on my Flintstones porn blog!

Dino gets his shaft on Wilma’s ass

I didn’t even realize that Dino always looked at Wilma with lust! As I returned home from work, I saw them fucking in my bed! He stuffed my wife’s ass with his monster cock, breathing loudly, sometimes even barking! And the most weird thing is that Wilma totally liked it – she bounced on top of his furry tool, her sweet round boobs jiggling, her ass slapping his pelvis. Man, the scene was absolutely crazy – I couldn’t imagine how that thing could penetrate Wilma’s tight hole – there seemed to be no place for my dick the last time we fucked! Yeah, forgot to say – when they noticed me, guess what she said? “Come, join us, Fred!” Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

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