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Barney and Betty fucking in the car

Barney and Betty are a very horny cartoon couple – they can fuck wherever they want and whenever they want! And I’ve got a very nice example to show you – they were driving their car back home recently, and Betty felt a horrible itch in her tight twat, so Barney had to use his man power to satisfy his wife’s wishes. He poked her ass hard, thrusting his monster cock into her wet hole, hearing her loud screams. That was a hell of a fuck, I tell ya! How do I know that? Well, let’s say I witnessed this scene and had my camera with me to take all the pictures I could! So sit back and get ready for some sex action down here!

Betty and Barney in a kinky orgy

Haha, finally I’ve got something spicy to show you! Get ready for the sex explosion in your minds, please welcome – Betty and Barney! I’ve stolen some porn tapes from Barney’s house, so now you can watch some homemade porn with him and Betty fucking! They are really a sweet couple – tender, slim Betty and muscled Barney, and horny knight which penetrates his princess’s pussy and slams it until hot juice starts spilling from it. Betty’s cunt becomes all red as Barney rubs and licks it – an unforgettable episode! This amateur tape is worth a thousand buck, guys! I think when Wilma comes home, we’ll watch it together – maybe it’ll spice our sex up!

Weird sex dreams

Sometimes I see weird dreams. It all starts as usual – a nice toon sex episode with Wilma and Betty. The girls are playing a superb lesbian game, checking each other’s tight pussies with their fingers. Teasing and licking each other’s clits, they proceed to powerful orgasms, and when they finally reach ones, the bed nearly crashes, as they jump on it, screaming wildly! Wilma’s tits, Betty’s sweet ass – all looks perfect! But then some strange shit starts happening – I see Barney fucking Dino in the ass, I see him fucking flowers and also I see Betty sodomizing him, dressed like a slave! Then I wake up and feel too shocked to sleep again. I still dunno what to think..