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Bamm-Bamm nails Wilma

Bamm-Bamm is not a child anymore, too. He has become a grown man with perfect muscles and a handsome face. So I couldn’t prevent Wilma from seducing this youngster. She came in when he had just come out of the shower. Seeing his long meaty hose, my wife became very horny and stripped, too. Who wouldn’t fuck such a pretty lady? Bamm-Bamm just couldn’t resist, an soon he already penetrated her wet snatch. He pushed his tool deeper and deeper, making Wilma scream from pain. Although it hurt too much, she didn’t want to stop – the feel of monster cock inside was stronger! He ended with a shot of cum all over her face, and then turned the camera off. Yes, all of this was recorded – have a look!

Dino gets his cock on Wilma

Too bad that Wilma loves to chat with nasty Marge Simpson – I just can’t spend so much money paying phone bills! Yesterday I had a small revenge over her, though – you see, she loves to walk naked when the kinds aren’t around, and that time she was talking completely nude. Dino noticed her plump sexy butt and didn’t think for long – he just jumped over her and shoved his pole right between her buns! Wilma didn’t expect that, you bet! She tried to break free, but all in vain – Dino held her tight until he cummed in her ass! I got it all on my camera, so now I post them for you on my Flintstones porn blog!

Wilma plays with a dildo at home

When Wilma stays at home alone, she really misses my thick meaty weapon. She simply can’t help rubbing her clit, but nobody’s around, so she’s destined to use different toys. One of them is her favorite – she calls it Fred, just like me. As I leave, she pulls it from under her pillow, and starts mad ride on top of this huge shaft. She bounces and moans, as it thrusts inside her tight snatch and rubs her clit, vibrating inside. A terrific invention, isn’t it? It helps her make it to my arrival, and then we starts a crazy toon orgy which often lasts until midnight, and sometimes eve longer. Check out the pics made by hidden camera – they are really juicy!

Wilma cheats on her husband with Barney

Oh, I was too soft on Barney last time. I found some photos which Wilma was hiding under her pillow, and it really pissed me off. As it turned out, he was fucking my wife all the time when I stayed late at work! That bastard nailed my wife’s toon pussy, teased her nipples and licked her clit while I was not there! I don’t think I’ll forget that. He was slaying her pussy, nailing her like a wild dog, slapping her on the butt, hearing her loud screams. And still he poked her chocolate hole, thrusting his weapon inside so hard that she couldn’t stand it! And I was not there!!! It is awful. I’ll kick his ass when I find him!!!

Betty and Wilma enjoy lesbian games

The girls are too perverted for us! That’s what I realized recently. I came home last night, and it was too late for Wilma to stay awake. But guess what? She was there, lying in my bed, and Betty was sticking this horrible thing with multiple balls right inside her ass! I dunno what’s got on me, but I sneaked into the room and kept watching. The girls were at the top of sex heat – they screamed so loudly that I bet the children were awake! But that didn’t matter to me, ‘cause I couldn’t hold myself any longer – I just came to them and jumped into action! I stuffed their asses with my meaty rod, fucked their throats and did other masty things. Hope Barney will forgive me for not inviting him over.

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Dino gets his shaft on Wilma’s ass

I didn’t even realize that Dino always looked at Wilma with lust! As I returned home from work, I saw them fucking in my bed! He stuffed my wife’s ass with his monster cock, breathing loudly, sometimes even barking! And the most weird thing is that Wilma totally liked it – she bounced on top of his furry tool, her sweet round boobs jiggling, her ass slapping his pelvis. Man, the scene was absolutely crazy – I couldn’t imagine how that thing could penetrate Wilma’s tight hole – there seemed to be no place for my dick the last time we fucked! Yeah, forgot to say – when they noticed me, guess what she said? “Come, join us, Fred!” Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

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Horny Flinstones perform a foursome orgy

Wilma and hot Betty go completely nuts sometimes. They aren’t satisfied with all the sex they get, and they beg for more. And you’d better give them what they want, or they will blow the whole place up. Barney and I always have to calm them down – we grab our tools and start pushing them into our wives’ wet holes. They scream and moan, as our shafts are too big for them, but we know that if we stop now – we’re finished. So we keep poking them in their sweet butts and pussies, slapping and spanking them. Gallons of juice and drools cover the floor of the room in such minutes. When we cum at last, the girls hey lick every single drop of our semen – that’s the sex hunger I know!