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Fred celebrates his porn birthday

Yeah, I feel just like a king, and you know why? Because it was my birthday last night! And all the girls, all the neighbors and friends were at my service yesterday! They fed me with grapes and other fruits; they licked my balls and whispered tender words to me – that felt so fucking awesome! My cock was licked by several hot chicks at once, and I tried my best to reach their tonsils with it. I personally think that it was the best toon porn party ever! All the pictures there were made by an experienced photographer, who caught all the best moments and compiled them into a nice porn gallery!

Barney and Betty fucking in the car

Barney and Betty are a very horny cartoon couple – they can fuck wherever they want and whenever they want! And I’ve got a very nice example to show you – they were driving their car back home recently, and Betty felt a horrible itch in her tight twat, so Barney had to use his man power to satisfy his wife’s wishes. He poked her ass hard, thrusting his monster cock into her wet hole, hearing her loud screams. That was a hell of a fuck, I tell ya! How do I know that? Well, let’s say I witnessed this scene and had my camera with me to take all the pictures I could! So sit back and get ready for some sex action down here!

Betty swallows Fred’s mighty hose

Ah, I love it when Betty sucks my cock! That girl knows how to deal with a meaty weapon! She swallows it completely, touching her tonsils with it, and that feels awesome! There’s nothing like sitting in a chair and having Betty’s head between your knees! She won’t stop until you burst with cum right inside her throat, even if you don’t wanna. Barney told me he taught her that – now she’s like a real professional! I’ve made a series of hot toon pictures with Betty sucking my cock and posted them here. You are welcome to see them any time you like! Be ready for some new stuff next week – it’ll be fantastic!

Flintstones fuck in the forest

Camping is a wonderful occupation. Besides, it can turn women on, ‘cause fresh air is always bracing. So on one fine week-end we went to the forest with the Simpsons family to seek for some berrys and mushrooms. We were supposed to spend night in tents, but the girls got so horny while roaming around that we had to fuck them as soon as possible. It was a really hard time, ‘cause those lustful bitches couldn’t get enough! They swallowed our cocks, rode them like wild horses and did everything to fuck us to the last drop of sweat! Betty and Wilma were very turned on this time!

Naked Wilma makes love to Betty

You know what? Wilma asked me to post some pictures with her getting naked, and I couldn’t resist her. In addition to that, she promised me a good blowjob – who would refuse? So behold a collection of naked Velma’s pictures! She boasts her beautiful, huge tits and nice plump figure. The way she smiles and looks at you – oh, that’s the most seductive thing I’ve ever seen! Check out Wilma’s naked body in a series of erotic sketches made by my friend and don’t forget to come back for more juicy stuff – I’ve got plenty of it, and there’s much more Flintstones porn to come!

Flintstones still have sex together

Some more black & white Flintstones porn sketches. And again that marvelous sex I had some weeks ago – Betty, barney, Wilma and I were in the sex heat and did whatever we wanted. Betty sucked my cock while I tossed the coin to define whether to cum into her mouth or not. Barney stood nea and laughed watching at this, while Wilma moved her butt along his long hose. I could feel Betty’s tonsils – that girl is a true professional in blowjobs! She almost swallowed my cock and choked with it, which brought me the most pleasure. As for Barney, he tried his hard to poke my wife in her beautiful ass, spanking it with all his force.

Flintstones porn sketches

For your information, I can draw, too. I am keen on porn sketches, and I have just an example to show you. Last week we had a major fuck with Betty, Wilma and Barney. Our girls were very excited, and the sex was just unforgettable. It stuck in my mind so deeply that I have been drawing sex sketches since few days ago. Here I stick my penis into Betty’s snatch, feeling her warm twat, and she willingly accepts it, feeling every inch of my monster inside. Barney doesn’t lose time, too – he works with his tongue to make Wilma happy. The latter delivers some pleasure to Betty’s huge boobs which jiggle right over her face. A nice Flintstones porn sketch, I should say!

Fred gives Betty a facefuck

Today I got up and thought – why not try to fuck Betty’s throat? What is thought has to be done, so soon I stood in front of Rubbles’ house, knocking at the door. Betty quickly caught what was on my mind and fell on her knees. My monster tool rapidly went into her warm mouth and started sliding there, pushing deeper every time. She quickly started to choke with it, but I went on with fucking her beautiful face, increasing the tempo every minute. Nothing lasts forever, so soon I shot my load into her mouth, filling all her mouth with hot cum. There was so many of this jizz that it spilt from her mouth and dropped from her cheeks. It was a marvelous scene, and you can see that for yourself!

Betty and Wilma enjoy lesbian games

The girls are too perverted for us! That’s what I realized recently. I came home last night, and it was too late for Wilma to stay awake. But guess what? She was there, lying in my bed, and Betty was sticking this horrible thing with multiple balls right inside her ass! I dunno what’s got on me, but I sneaked into the room and kept watching. The girls were at the top of sex heat – they screamed so loudly that I bet the children were awake! But that didn’t matter to me, ‘cause I couldn’t hold myself any longer – I just came to them and jumped into action! I stuffed their asses with my meaty rod, fucked their throats and did other masty things. Hope Barney will forgive me for not inviting him over.

More Drawn Sex pics.

Betty and Barney in a kinky orgy

Haha, finally I’ve got something spicy to show you! Get ready for the sex explosion in your minds, please welcome – Betty and Barney! I’ve stolen some porn tapes from Barney’s house, so now you can watch some homemade porn with him and Betty fucking! They are really a sweet couple – tender, slim Betty and muscled Barney, and horny knight which penetrates his princess’s pussy and slams it until hot juice starts spilling from it. Betty’s cunt becomes all red as Barney rubs and licks it – an unforgettable episode! This amateur tape is worth a thousand buck, guys! I think when Wilma comes home, we’ll watch it together – maybe it’ll spice our sex up!