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The Simpsons jump in the porn action

Yeah, about that last walk into the forest. As you may remember, I’ve told you that the Simpsons went there with us, too. So not only me, Barney, Betty and Wilma were fucking there by the trees, but also Homer and Marge. The latter are the kinkiest ones I should tell you. They fuck like nothing else exists on earth, and the greenery shakes when Homer shoots his load over Marge’s body! Soon they got their hands on us, too, and we felt what a perverted fuck is really like! Come have a look on the pictures I took while having a couple minutes of rest!

Flintstones fuck in the forest

Camping is a wonderful occupation. Besides, it can turn women on, ‘cause fresh air is always bracing. So on one fine week-end we went to the forest with the Simpsons family to seek for some berrys and mushrooms. We were supposed to spend night in tents, but the girls got so horny while roaming around that we had to fuck them as soon as possible. It was a really hard time, ‘cause those lustful bitches couldn’t get enough! They swallowed our cocks, rode them like wild horses and did everything to fuck us to the last drop of sweat! Betty and Wilma were very turned on this time!

Naked Wilma makes love to Betty

You know what? Wilma asked me to post some pictures with her getting naked, and I couldn’t resist her. In addition to that, she promised me a good blowjob – who would refuse? So behold a collection of naked Velma’s pictures! She boasts her beautiful, huge tits and nice plump figure. The way she smiles and looks at you – oh, that’s the most seductive thing I’ve ever seen! Check out Wilma’s naked body in a series of erotic sketches made by my friend and don’t forget to come back for more juicy stuff – I’ve got plenty of it, and there’s much more Flintstones porn to come!

Jetsons come to visit the Flintstones

Something weird happened today, and I still can’t fully understand what it was… All went well, I was poking Betty in the ass, enjoying her lovely ass, and suddenly heard a noise from the corner of the room. I turned my eyes there and saw some strange light and someone coming out of it. After I got used to the bright light, I saw a beautiful cartoon teen girl, who looked at us with interest. She came closer and touched my cock, and then I felt a powerful itch in it, so I grabbed the white-haired beauty and pierced her tight butt through! She opposed and tried to escape, but I was too turned on to let her go, and finished my job by shooting cum over her pretty face. As it turned out, it was Judy Jetson – a girl from the future!