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Fred gives Betty a facefuck

Today I got up and thought – why not try to fuck Betty’s throat? What is thought has to be done, so soon I stood in front of Rubbles’ house, knocking at the door. Betty quickly caught what was on my mind and fell on her knees. My monster tool rapidly went into her warm mouth and started sliding there, pushing deeper every time. She quickly started to choke with it, but I went on with fucking her beautiful face, increasing the tempo every minute. Nothing lasts forever, so soon I shot my load into her mouth, filling all her mouth with hot cum. There was so many of this jizz that it spilt from her mouth and dropped from her cheeks. It was a marvelous scene, and you can see that for yourself!

Bamm-Bamm nails Wilma

Bamm-Bamm is not a child anymore, too. He has become a grown man with perfect muscles and a handsome face. So I couldn’t prevent Wilma from seducing this youngster. She came in when he had just come out of the shower. Seeing his long meaty hose, my wife became very horny and stripped, too. Who wouldn’t fuck such a pretty lady? Bamm-Bamm just couldn’t resist, an soon he already penetrated her wet snatch. He pushed his tool deeper and deeper, making Wilma scream from pain. Although it hurt too much, she didn’t want to stop – the feel of monster cock inside was stronger! He ended with a shot of cum all over her face, and then turned the camera off. Yes, all of this was recorded – have a look!

Pebbles has her first sex with Daddy

Wow, I didn’t even imagine that time can flow so fast! Pebbles is a woman now, her 18th birthday was last week. Her figure has magically transformed, and now she can boast a pair of accurate round tits and a very nice ass together with a slim waist. Now I really started thinking of her gorgeous forms. Yesterday I made my decision, so a huge meaty cock was delivered right into her tight pussy! My cock, of course. Her tender body trembled from the new feeling; she wriggled like a wild animal, having the most wonderful pleasure of all. I granted her a full load of my cum right into her young face, and she seemed to look satisfied. The toon sex pictures that I made during this are in front of you.

Dino gets his cock on Wilma

Too bad that Wilma loves to chat with nasty Marge Simpson – I just can’t spend so much money paying phone bills! Yesterday I had a small revenge over her, though – you see, she loves to walk naked when the kinds aren’t around, and that time she was talking completely nude. Dino noticed her plump sexy butt and didn’t think for long – he just jumped over her and shoved his pole right between her buns! Wilma didn’t expect that, you bet! She tried to break free, but all in vain – Dino held her tight until he cummed in her ass! I got it all on my camera, so now I post them for you on my Flintstones porn blog!