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Meg Griffin comes to Fred for a fuck

When guests arrive at our small town, it feels great! ‘Cause now we not only have a perfect opportunity to chat about things, but also have new partners for sex! Last evening I had a pleasure of banging tight teen Meg Griffin – you know, that girl from Family Guy. Her wet snatch felt awesome – I just couldn’t get enough of it and poked her for like three hours without stopping. She even started crying, ‘cause her hole went all red and started to hurt. But my mind was completely lost, so I continued destroying her twat, hearing her loud screams. To make her silent, I even slapped her soft butt, but it didn’t help. Only after shooting my load over her back I felt relatively calm.

Guys punish Dino for a sex crime

Dino always makes trouble, but this time he has got into one. The thing is he was fucking Betty, and Barney saw it all, from the beginning to the end. He saw how this lousy dinosaur sticked his boner into his wife’s pussy, how he nailed her and how she wriggled under him. And this really pissed Barney off. When he thought that it was enough, he took his club and smashed him right in his head. And then the time has come for some cruel punishment! Barney called me for some help, and we both tied Betty to the tree, whipping her with a knout. As for Dino, he was cruelly fucked by a dildo in his butt. We had this kind of fun for a long time – for him and her to remember and never do that again!

Wilma plays with a dildo at home

When Wilma stays at home alone, she really misses my thick meaty weapon. She simply can’t help rubbing her clit, but nobody’s around, so she’s destined to use different toys. One of them is her favorite – she calls it Fred, just like me. As I leave, she pulls it from under her pillow, and starts mad ride on top of this huge shaft. She bounces and moans, as it thrusts inside her tight snatch and rubs her clit, vibrating inside. A terrific invention, isn’t it? It helps her make it to my arrival, and then we starts a crazy toon orgy which often lasts until midnight, and sometimes eve longer. Check out the pics made by hidden camera – they are really juicy!