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Fred’s weird porn dreams

Back to those weird dreams again. This night I woke up all sweaty, ‘cause the thing that I saw was too horrible to understand. Never heard of Flinstones gay porn? Well, I got a chance to participate in it myself. I fucked Barney, and it was a complete nightmare. He sucked my cock like a lollipop, slurping and squeezing it like a sausage. Then he exposed his butt, and I penetrated his hole, pushing my cock so deep I nearly drowned in it! And the most terrible thing is that I liked it! Yeah, in ,y dream I screamed from happiness and slapped is butt like if I was a real faggot! Oh, I really need to attend a psychiatrist…

Wilma cheats on her husband with Barney

Oh, I was too soft on Barney last time. I found some photos which Wilma was hiding under her pillow, and it really pissed me off. As it turned out, he was fucking my wife all the time when I stayed late at work! That bastard nailed my wife’s toon pussy, teased her nipples and licked her clit while I was not there! I don’t think I’ll forget that. He was slaying her pussy, nailing her like a wild dog, slapping her on the butt, hearing her loud screams. And still he poked her chocolate hole, thrusting his weapon inside so hard that she couldn’t stand it! And I was not there!!! It is awful. I’ll kick his ass when I find him!!!

Betty and Wilma enjoy lesbian games

The girls are too perverted for us! That’s what I realized recently. I came home last night, and it was too late for Wilma to stay awake. But guess what? She was there, lying in my bed, and Betty was sticking this horrible thing with multiple balls right inside her ass! I dunno what’s got on me, but I sneaked into the room and kept watching. The girls were at the top of sex heat – they screamed so loudly that I bet the children were awake! But that didn’t matter to me, ‘cause I couldn’t hold myself any longer – I just came to them and jumped into action! I stuffed their asses with my meaty rod, fucked their throats and did other masty things. Hope Barney will forgive me for not inviting him over.

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Flintstones prefer fucking outside

Oh, what a lovely day this is! I love when we go outside, two families together, and rest in the rays of hot sun! And the most wonderful thing is that we can have sex all day long – no kids, no disturbance – just freedom and smut! Barney and I have lost our time at work, but now we’re gonna make up for it! Oh, I still remember how Barney shoved his thick wiener into his wife’s wet twat, how I rubbed Wilma’s pussy until it all got red, how we used dinosaur bones to satisfy the girls. This day was marvelous – fresh air turned us on too much, and we didn’t show any mercy to their pussies! Our skin was gleaming because of sweat, and our eyes were burning with lust… Terrific times!